Interactive Kiosks

As part of the remit of the Enfield At War project we had to create interactive kiosks which would tell the story of Enfield during the two world wars.  These are to be a permanent record of the borough. The interactive kiosks are now up and running. There is one here at the Archive (anyone who attended the Open day would have been able to see it) and  this week another was delivered to the  Royal Small Arms Interpretation Centre at Enfield Island Village. A third kiosk is temporarily on the ground floor of the Ordnance Unity Centre.

These kiosks house a collection of photos, memories, film and facts about the London Borough of Enfield during both world wars.

Some of the pictures of the guns made in the Royal Small Arms Factory give a 360º view of the arms. They can be turned on the screen so you can see them from all angles.

360 RSA photos

The content of the kiosks reflects the subjects I have been blogging about since January: life on the home front, bombings, factories, the lives of women and children in time of war.

Visitors can touch one of the pictures on the screen to explore the information. They can read about local residents’ wartime memories and watch a film of a  dramatised account of the  shooting down of the Cuffley Airship in 1916


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