Remembrance Day

On the 8th of November it is Remembrance Sunday. There will be a 2 minute silence as we remember the lives of those who died for their country.  The three public war memorials in the former boroughs of Edmonton, Enfield and Southgate will be the focus for remembrance.

There were many other memorials across the borough. Most were originally erected after the Great War. There were memorials in schools, factories, railway stations, hospitals and offices. Some added the names of those who died in the Second World War to these existing memorials. Over time some of these have been lost as factories and town halls have been demolished. Some of these were saved and are kept by the Enfield Museum. Others were moved to new locations.

Even before the end of the Great War some streets put up their own shrines in memory of those who died. So many casualties were buried in foreign countries or had no known grave that these shrines became a focus for the grief of their relatives. The trend grew after Queen Mary visited some of these shrines in the East End.


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