Book of Remembrance and War Time Memories

Several elements of the Enfield at War project have now come to fruition.

As part of The Enfield at War Project we asked the public to tell us about their wartime memories so we could record them for posterity. Local people responded and generously gave their time to talk to us. This collection of 33 memories with accompanying images was undertaken between September 2015 and October 2015. You can view this as a free E-book or any of the images from this page as a basic PDF.

Enfield Local Studies Library and Archive has produced a WW1 Book of Remembrance that lists all those who lived within the boundaries of the Boroughs of Edmonton, Enfield and Southgate prior to or during the First World War who lost their lives whilst serving their country. The book is the result of two years of extensive research by Local Studies staff and volunteers; however we believe there are still some names missing so we are asking for your help. If you notice anyone we may have missed please pass their names onto Enfield Local Studies Library & Archive. The Book of Remembrance is available to view at Enfield Local Studies Library & Archive, Enfield Town Library, Ordnance Unity Centre, Palmers Green Library and Edmonton Green Library.

Lastly there are WW1 and WW2 school packs. Although these are aimed at children they contain a lot of interesting information and pictures. They can be downloaded from here.  They cover many of the topics featured in previous blogs: bombing, children’s lives, women’s work, shelters, rationing and lots more.  If you are interested in the history of Enfield during the two World Wars these are a great starting place.

These are the final parts of the project. Staff and volunteers at the Enfield Local Studies Archive have been working on this project for the last  fourteen months and it is hugely satisfying to see all the different elements coming together to create what will hopefully be  a lasting legacy and resource for the people of Enfield and beyond.


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