London Road Bomb 1940

On the night of the 15th -16th November 1940  high explosive and incendiary bombs as well as seven parachute mines fell on Enfield. One of the mines fell in London Road near the church of Our Lady and St George. The church was damaged beyond repair. The convent opposite was wrecked but the nuns escaped with minor injuries. Houses in London Road were badly damaged and some had to be demolished. Shop windows in the Town were shattered and there were injuries from flying glass.

The entry in the ARP Logbook reads:

15.11.40   Message Time:2326      Incident Time 22.00

Particulars: High Explosives at London Road. Cecil Road, Sydney Road, Peartree Road, Lyndhurst Gardens. Many houses demolished.

Remarks: Numerous casualties. Some killed.

The pictures below show the aftermath of the bomb.

00430 London Road 00431 London Road 00433 London Road 00434 London Road